Marina Arambasin ( France,1959) architect D.P.L.G. graduated from UPA1 of Paris. After finishing her studies she worked in Paris for 12 years on public and commercial use projects, new social housing and renovations. From 1995 she has been living in the Netherlands and has collaborated  with two successful firms in the new social housing branch.

ARAMBASIN   &   OLINK   ARCHITECTEN  was founded in 2000 in Den Haag.  The firm offers a complete range of possibilities from project design, guidance in the construction process to final delivery. 

Architect register: 1.941121.012.   KVK: 2733435

Services include:

  • feasibility studies
  • new projects
  • renovations / extensions
  • permits / requirements
  • compliance of contractors to specifications
  • interior design
  • final approval

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